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Why not connect with young people with roots in other countries through shopping?

You can also enjoy contributing to multicultural coexistence activities.

This project is about creating a club activity that students at a Brazilian school can do after school! The idea was born.


Although there are many students at Brazilian schools with rich personalities and sensibilities, there are almost no extracurricular activities or circle activities, and some schools do not have enough art classes due to a lack of teachers. We also hoped that even students who are not confident in their ability to communicate in Japanese could indirectly connect with Japanese society by expressing themselves through design.


Today, almost all processes from design to sales and delivery are handled by Brazilian school students and graduates (including staff).


​Drink ticket


With six drink tickets (350 yen each), you can order drinks offered at DiVE CAFE for 400 yen each. The expiration date is 6 months from the date of purchase.


​Online order form

Thank you for your order.

About product delivery

We will send it by letter pack. 370 yen for up to 2 books, 520 yen for 3 to 5 books. If it is more than that, we will send it by Yu-Pack, so we will calculate the shipping fee separately and let you know.

Please inquire separately regarding overseas shipping.

Return/refund policy

If the product is damaged, we will replace it with free shipping.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds in any other cases.

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