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The mapa project aims to support young people from diverse backgrounds living in Japan. At Mapa House, a base in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture, we support young people to achieve self-fulfillment in Japanese society. Launched in 2021, it focuses on the various difficulties that young people with foreign roots face in Japanese society. Differences in language and culture, lack of motivation, and lack of opportunities are the reasons behind this project.


Our goal is for young people to not only face various challenges, but also to have fun in Japan and acquire the strength to make their dreams come true. We aim to provide not only temporary support, but also a strong foundation for young people to achieve their goals and succeed in their own ways in the Japanese community.

​What is MAPA?

​Saturday standard schedule

12:30〜13:30 みんなでランチ

14:00〜18:00 特定の活動 


We offer Japanese language and career education classes at Brazil School in Aichi Prefecture.

At mapa, I connect with other immigrants like me, build friendships, and share experiences in countries different from our own.



Business hours: Every Saturday 10:30 ~ 18:00

address: mapa house 45-2 Higashishinchi, Shinchi-cho, Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture


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